The IIoT-Guidance team

Energy comes from synergy

The team of IIoT-Guidance focuses on consulting regarding the introduction and optimization of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

An integral part is the development of a business case including a sales model to evaluate the practical implementation.

For the technical implementation IIoT-Guidance has access to a broad partner network . Therefore the IIoT-Projects GmbH was founded in 2020.

This company realizes the proof of concept (PoC) as well as the final technical implementation.

Mirko Lampe

Founder & Digital Transformation Specialist 


Mirko Lampe is an expert in information and communication technology and also studied International Business and Marketing. He has been globally involved in many different projects and brings experience from large-scale industry (10 years at Siemens AG) and medium-sized businesses (5 years at Bartec Group). Due to his background he speaks the same language as his customers and understands their needs.

  • Partner Networking Specialist
  • Catalyst & Simplification Specialist
  • Product Development
  • Strategy & Global Business Development
  • Market Introduction Concepts
  • Strategic Marketing