The IIoT-Guidance approach

Simplifying the Industrial IoT

With the smart IIoT-Guidance approach, you’ll successfully bring the digital transformation to your production facilities and connect your machines quickly, easily, and seamlessly via smart sensors.

The IIoT-Guidance approach at a glance

  • 01In-depth analysis and systematic ideation
  • 02Use-case creation and KPI identification
  • 03Proof of concept
  • 04Supervised implementation and functional testing
  • 05Live operation and touching up


In-depth analysis and systematic ideation

All beginnings should be well thought-out:

IIoT-Guidance first performs an in-depth situation analysis of your company in which we categorize all the available data and evaluate the organizational and technological requirements of your systems in detail. In the next step, we apply the latest ideation methods in order to uncover new production potential and place it in a systematic context.


Use-case creation and KPI identification

Professional and individual:

IIoT-Guidance works with all the stakeholders to develop specific use cases, which then serve as the basis for a custom-made solution to a specific problem. Our concept includes the most important technological components, a rough draft with expert feedback, and a detailed cost-benefit analysis. We also define central project and business KPIs and present a transparent road map for implementing the project.


Proof of concept

Trust is good, checking is better:

IIoT-Guidance checks the validity, resilience, and performance capability of the use case as part of a performance check. If the check is successful, we recommend an ongoing activation of the requisite resources. If unsuccessful, an iteration is performed and the necessary adjustments are made.


Supervised implementation and functional testing

Install, synchronize, optimize:

Experts from IIoT-Guidance’s partner pool take charge of hardware and software delivery, installation, and synchronization. IIoT-Guidance acts as the supervisor and helps you define and evaluate additional use cases. Often, this results in new application concepts during test operation. Special emphasis is placed on the optimization of AI solutions. Today these solutions are already offering unique opportunities for success today.


Live operation and touching up

Into the future:

Following a successful test operation, full operation is initiated. On request, IIoT-Guidance again takes on a supervisory role and checks the previously formulated business KPIs. At your request, we can implement the technological solution in additional production facilities and make agile optimizations to the existing concept.

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