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Industrial Internet of Things Solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers numerous opportunities. We’re bringing these opportunities to the industry. Robust and highly available.
Smart, connected machines, intelligently orchestrated processes, and the systematic use of data create competitive and cost advantages, increase today’s success, and pave the way for an even more successful future.

IIoT-Guidance supports your company from the initial idea to integration in the field and beyond. Our recipe for success is concentrated, industrial IoT expertise, a highly innovative approach to consulting, complete solutions that are tailor-made and from a single source, and a strong network of partners.

Level up with Industrial Internet of Things and IIoT Guidance.

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IIoT Consulting We don’t advise you. We accompany you.

Every company is unique. So it’s all the more important to have a partner who adapts to individual requirements and thoroughly understands them, a partner who not only thinks like you do, but who thinks again and thinks ahead, a partner who provides expert support, from digitalization to connectivity, and takes that support to a whole new level.

IIoT-Guidance is this partner. We offer everything from technical solutions to complete business models from a single source. We also support your change process right on site and accompany you through every step of the project, from design, implementation, and monitoring to the final evaluation and adjustment. IIoT Consulting from your expert.

The IIoT-Guidance approach

The focus makes the difference IIoT vs. IoT

In principle, IoT (with B2C focus) and IIoT (with B2B focus) work in the same way. They both connect devices to the internet and make them smarter: The difference is that IoT makes the life of consumers more convenient and easier, where IIoT increases safety and efficiency for production facilities.
It is all about collecting and combining data to generate information. This information will be processed by i.e. algorithms to get valuable insights, what generates revenues as a result.

IIoT has over IoT a stringent focus on:

  • System stability
  • Safety / security
  • Interoperability
  • Precision
  • Scalability (ability of dealing with large scale networks)
  • Long term focus in availability, both hardware and software
  • Update support for several years


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Modular but holistic  Our goal: Successfully achieve your goals.

To advance your industrial enterprise, you need to know the challenges that await you both today and in the future. But even more, you need to know how you can successfully overcome these challenges, given today’s highly dynamic and volatile market conditions.

IIoT-Guidance knows what your company needs. We originated in industry and have many years of expertise and a constantly growing network of partners. This means that we’re always able to develop precise, tailor-made solutions that are simple, fast, cost-optimized, and sustainable.

IIoT-Guidance’s offering

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Individual use cases with a sustainability factor We create data. And we create new potential.

To remain a successful industrial enterprise over the long term, it isn’t enough to connect machines and generate data. The key is to acquire the right data, because valuable information can only be derived from the right data, and valuable information is the only basis for the competitive advantages that are essential for your growth and success.

IIoT-Guidance helps you acquire the right data across the entire value chain. We do this by developing individual use cases that are precisely tailored to your business requirements. On the basis of these use cases, we then identify new potential and collaborate with the right technology partners to generate undreamt-of added value.

IIoT-Guidance in action

Energy comes from synergy  Digital natives. And business experts.

The successful implementation of industrial IoT solutions requires not only technology and industry expertise, but also a detailed knowledge of change management processes and instruments and an independent market overview.

The founders of IIoT-Guidance unite all these capabilities: As digital natives, they’re familiar with all the possibilities of connectivity and are in constant communication with important innovation leaders. As business experts with an industry background, they reconcile visions of success with economically strategic requirements and place great value on the development of future-proof solutions.

The IIoT-Guidance team

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