Beacon / RHT sensor for the simplification of O&M

The challenge

Electrical Cabinets in Hazardous location are obliged to get a cyclic check, in order to be sure on the environmental conditions in that cabinets on one hand but on other hand to secure the connectivity’s and take preventive measures when corrosion takes place.

The cabinets are affected externally by harming material what also affecting the age of the doors which makes the service procedure even more difficult for the operators as well can lead in certain circumstances to damage by opening during the service procedure.


The solution

IIoT Guidance carried out the screening of the organization needs and the onsite connectivity options.

A multiple use beacon installed through the cabinet wall accesses to the environment on inside and has full connectivity (no cage of Faraday).

The sensor installed int eh beacon filters the right data and collect information based on the changes to reduce the power consumption.  A physical value filtration is onboard for data accuracy and 50/60Hz affects mitigation.

The access to the network will be through a gateway collecting the data from multiple beacons and send this via the local network or a separate Network to the cloud. Some of the customers prefers to have local cloud/memory. This flexibility is given.

Data will be sent encrypted to a secure cloud. Here a test cloud will be provided to the customer.

An app is design to have the access dierectly to the beacon as well the trending analysis was carreid out base donteh SCADA system fo the customer.

Alerts for trashholds defined witht the exeprienced operators in the field and service eprsonel.

The information of the service rounds was stored in the beacon for the next service cycle and the. Additional data stored in the Beacon as the user manual and schematics of the cabinet.

The deployment in the electrical cabinet for the retrofit version was carried during a shut down. The planning and fast activation was planned with the IiOT Guidance team and the partner for electrical installation on site. For the greenfield deployment the IioT Guidance team created the instruction and carried out the training for the supplier.

The result

The temperature and humidity trending are captured and leads to forecast of service requirement. Vibration can be also a dimension of interest not for the cabinet at self but also for the entire environment especially when the application is mobile as the drilling rig for exploration.

Additional value, to access the data and restore the reports on site. A data and solution cascade can be carried out according to the requirements and maturity level of the Organization towards functionality and data security.