Valve position monitoring

Status of the valve can help to save lives. When maintenance personnel are reworking pipes it is mandatory to have these empty or at least no more pressurized. Especially the manually controlled valves the status in the control room for supervision is very valuable.

The solution

IIoT Guidance carried out the screening of the organization needs and the onsite connectivity options.

A wireless sensor mounted on the wheel of the valve tracks the status of the valve. A robust mems sensor was installed.

The sensor includes all needed HW and SW for the onsite calibration. Only changes in the position will be reported in order to minimize the power consumption.

Connection to the network via a gateway or to the local network depends on customers and environmental requirements. A BT BLE interface was applied.

Data will be sent encrypted to a secure cloud.

The Information was supplied to the operators from the control room or they were able to access via mobile devices directly based on the data from the cloud.

We are looking for the next steps of the project of status and access area combination. This will lead to higher security level when rework and maintenance activities were carried out.

The result:

No any mismatch in the position of the valves and an enrichment of the automated field information with more data from a simple only mechanical valve. The long-term track of the valve status by combining the change with the time stamp. With the value of active moving the valve in order not to get mechanically fixed and loose is smooth functionality.

The device is easy for installation and all needed for calibration are onboard. With the hazardous location certification option and its mechanical robust design supports the sensor the application also in that harsh environment where ever is applicable